rise up kombucha - rose

₹ 175.00

Rise Up Kombucha - Rose

Kombucha is a cultured tea, a 2,000 year old ‘Elixir of Life!’ Small-batch fermented for 3 weeks, the result is a naturally fizzy, super refreshing drink packed with probiotics and organic acids for kick-ass digestion.

Drink kombucha as a delicious and healthy alternative to soft drinks. Consistent consumption of kombucha builds up good bacteria in your gut to aid efficient digestion & super-boost your immunity!

This is our Rose flavor. It is delicate, divine, oh so subtle and majorly refreshing. Infused with organic rose petals, this is the perfect hot weather kombucha to cool you down any afternoon. 

The ingredients are organic black & green tea, water, organic sugar and the living kombucha culture. While kombucha is brewed with sugar & caffeine, both are largely consumed during the fermentation process, leaving the end result low in sugar and virtually caffeine free. Drink it cold or at room temperature and do not dilute - drink it just as it is! Enjoy!

Keep in fridge! Once your box has arrived, first chill in the fridge and only open once chilled. The heat during shipping will activate the bacteria and make it extra fizzy - if you open while warm, it might just escape from the bottle like champagne!