multi-millet muesli

₹ 249.00

Health Benefits:
Anti-oxidant. Great source of dietary fibre. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, vitamins, iron & magnesium.

How to Use: Mix with nuts, fruits, dates in milk (vegan or cow) or yogurt, fruit juice, jaggery syrup or Kakvi (sugarcane honey).

2 cups Taru Millet Muesli
4 cups Yoghurt
1 apple halved and cored
Honey or Kakvi.
Steps: For each serving, Mix 1/2 cup yogurt with 1/4 cup muesli; arrange apple slices on top. Drizzle honey.

Ingredients: Ancient Grains made healthy with Nuts, Seeds & Raisins. Ragi Flour, Foxtail Millet Flour, Little Millet Flour, Honey, Kodo Millet Flour , Jowar Flour, Bajra Flour , Desi Hand-pounded Cornflakes, Sun-dried Raisins, Kashmiri Almonds, Stone-Ground Jaggery Powder, Desi Pumpkin seeds, Desi Sesame Seeds, Desi Watermelon Seeds, Desi Sunflower Seeds, Proso Millet Flour.