pina colada water kefir

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"If you like piña coladas, and drinking probiotics in the rain," then this is the Kefir for you! All the delicious flavour of a piña colada packed with all the goodness of probiotics! Enjoy this drink as great mocktail for an evening sundowner or convert it into a cocktail by adding a splash of rum! Either way, a drink packed with goodness meant for you to wrap up your day.
All our water kefir products are hand-crafted.

Kefir has numerous health benefits like:
Enabling Optimal Digestive Health
Reducing Acidity
Reducing Gas
Prevents Constipation
Improving Immunity
Improving Skin Condition
Lowering Blood Pressure
Weight Management
Reducing Inflammation
Reducing risk of allergies

Kefir Culture is therefore the perfect value add to any diet!
So, what are you waiting for? Take a sip and feel the benefits!
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