black rice

1.0 kg
₹ 550.00
Black Rice locally named as Chak-hao is well known for its attractive colour and aromatic flavour and considered as on of the richest source of anthocyanin found among food grain product apart from its optimal content of vitamins, minerals, fibre, proteins, and many othe nutrients.

The uniqueness of the black aromatic rice of Manipur is, its pleasant aroma coupled with stickiness which is not common in other black rice grown in other parts of the world.

It is considered to be rice variety with a higher vitamin and mineral content than both white and brown rice. Black aromatic rice owes its colour to powerful natural black colouring pigments called anthocyanins which boast an impressive antioxidant activity adding to the health benefits of this rice variety. In addition to being a good source of vitamins E, fibre and protein, black rice is shown to reduce inflamation levels in the body.