brahmi powder 100gm

₹ 245.00
Mental Performance Support.

Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri, traditionally used in Ayurveda, has gained worldwide fame as a memory booster, promoting mental awareness and concentration. It is widely used as an antioxidant and for improving brain cell function. It helps relieve nervous congestion. This herb is used to better the process of learning, improve the power of speech and imagination, ease nervous and mental strain, and is employed in cases of nervous breakdowns. Taking Brahmi can assist you in experiencing a better sense of well-being during periods of restlessness, anxiety, fatigue, cloudiness of thought, and an overactive mind. Very useful in the cure of Attention Deficit Disorder, this herb induces a sense of calm and peace while facilitating concentration by stimulating neural activity. It is also used as a blood cleanser and is considered useful for any inflammations, and for controlling blood pressure. Brahmi is considered the main rejuvenating herb for the nerve and brain cells.

Usage: one measuring spoon (2g)with hot water or milk. Consume the entire amount or divide it into two or three doses throughout the day.